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Global Reset "Let's become better as a Human Race"

Team Making Oakland Better and Team Making Others Better

Forever Oakland Inc. wants to spread our message of hope and compassion. We believe that a single action can make a difference in the community, and that collective action can greatly impact the world. Through advocacy and outreach activities, our team works tirelessly each day to contribute their part to the greater good.

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Upcoming events

Making A Difference

Forever Oakland is in the business of changing and shaping lives. The work we do at our Public Services Organization is aimed at providing a holistic approach to solving some of our society’s biggest challenges. We ensure that our partners are empowered by creating opportunities for individuals and communities.



(((( Global Reset ))))  Lets Become Better as a Human Race. 

*Our Book is available through purchase by clicking on the Book / Apparel link on the Top page of our website.


"A Must Reading for all High octane - PMA - (Positive Mental Attitude Types), and those into Physical and Spiritual Fitness. Plus, our message will lend a hand to help those currently striving to find themselves mend their own wounds, to shed old skin and bring in the new. This not only applies to Humanity but Mother Earth"

*Our 1st Ever Book Release Party took place @ Plank in Oakland, Ca on Forever Oakland Friday 7-30-2021. 6pm - 9pm pst.

*Our Publishing company is currently stocking up our books to go viral in Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and various outlets online world wide.

*Stay tuned for news of Upcoming In Person and Virtual Book release parties.

*Visit our website and all social media channels for constant updates.

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Education & Outreach

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                    2021 Global Reset Message for Oakland Ca, all Cities within the USA and all of Humanity.                                                           ( BEST 40 MIN TOTAL HEALTH TV,  MUST SEE YOU TUBE VIDEO )                                                                                    Please click on the link below                                               https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w3GcpasZc6o&fbclid=IwAR3QpxcVjAPM1i_QBKpX7EodnhrAmsA7JYbwBYDRlvt_gs2Iaq38VkePC30

Our Leaders

Committed to the Cause

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Godfather Griz ( Greg ) Jones

Founder,  Show Host, Book Author & our Oakland City wide within every District / World wide event organizer.


*Its been the Greatest Honor of just 2 people back in 1999, that started to feed Homeless people all night on the corner of 66th Ave and Coliseum Way, the Night before Oakland Raiders Home games, then the following day go support our Sports team.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      *This continued evolution into our current World wide forum, serving God and Mother Earth at the highest level through our                                (((( Global Reset )))) - "Lets Become Better as Human Race". - #TeamMakeOakland - locally & #TeamMakeOthersBetter -World wide.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        *Our Work is to inspire all of Humanity during this tumultuous time within Human History, locally and World wide, to Invest into their total health ( Spiritual , Physical, Mental and Emotional ).                                                                                                                                           MAKE OAKLAND WHOLE AGAIN vision.


Chris Leighton

Chief Financial Officer

As the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Forever Oakland Inc. I take my role very seriously even though most of what I do is behind the scenes. I started on this journey a few years ago by just going to a Warriors watch party and that grew organically into what it has become today where I pour my heart and soul into not only Making Oakland Better but Making Others Better. This is not a fad, tailgate, or some way to get my name in the spotlight as most know I shy away from that but it is a way of life and it’s in my heart and soul to be nice to everyone.
Not only am I the CFO of Forever Oakland Inc. I am a fulltime property manager and I am also a husband to Alexis and father to Christopher Leighton (we use Chris and Christopher to make it easy to figure out who is who as we both share the same first name, middle initial, and last name as well as birthday). Christopher as most of you know is more than just a hard-working young man but he can talk sports with anyone out there and never ceases to impress me and others on a daily basis. My wife Alexis is very special to me as she supports me 100% in what am doing as she understands this is not about me it’s about everyone we help.
I may not have the means as others out there but what I do have is a big heart and I live my life everyday the same way which is being kind to everyone. Unless you have walked in that persons shoes you cannot begin to understand what is like to be them. But what we can do is treat everyone the way we want to be treated and you will be surprised how much more people will open their heart and soul to you.

2021 - DJ Mob Skull 2-3.jpg

Alphonso Guevara - D.J. Mob Skull

Secretary of Forever Oakland inc.,  DJ and one of our longest tenured core members

Alphonso Guevara, aka DJ Mob Skull is one of the longest tenured core staff to Godfather Griz Jones since the early days. Our World renown, beloved DJ that has co hosted many events combining our unique blend of Charity and Sports Identity, has very much been a part of our organizations Rich History and folklore of setting new precedents along the way.                                                                                      Alphonso has also lead our end of the Year " Annual ", Mob Alley Christmas party of driving a 50 plus passenger bus, taking volunteers  through out all of Oaklands worse areas, feeding Unhoused citizens & Stray animals within every district of Oakland, Ca.

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Nate Miley

                                                          Alameda County Board of Supervisor of District 4.                                                                #TeamMakeOaklandBetter Volunteer.

Nate Miley was first elected to the Alameda County Board of Supervisors in November 2000 and is currently serving his sixth term. He represents District 4, which includes portions of Oakland, from Montclair in the north to Oracle Arena and the Oakland Coliseum in the south, the City of Pleasanton and the unincorporated communities of Ashland, Castro Valley, Cherryland, El Portal Ridge, Fairmont Terrace, Fairview, & Hillcrest Knolls.                                                                   

Nate Loves everything Forever Oakland as it relates to our Year Round Charities in Making Oakland Better, to our love and Protection of our local Sports Teams Identity, that connects this Culture to our Community.                                                                                                                 In January 2021, he was appointed Vice-President by his colleagues on the Board of Supervisors.

Prior to representing District 4, he had the honor of serving the residents of Oakland City Council District 6 where he earned the moniker "maverick" for his tenacity in challenging the status quo and pursuing novel, grassroots-based solutions which leveraged community engagement to tackle issues and problems. As a County Supervisor, he continues to engage and empower communities, protect open space, strengthen our healthcare system, and create more livable and safe neighborhoods. He brings with him a commitment and platform to deliver and improve transportation, healthcare, public safety, and social services to his highly diverse constituent base. 

Prior to public service, Nate graduated from Franklin & Marshall College and finished Law School at the University of Maryland in 1976. He then moved to Oakland to work as a Jesuit volunteer. He began his community involvement with the Oakland Community Organizations (OCO) and since then, has worked with many community-based groups as well as trained community organizers through the National Center for Urban Ethnic Affairs.

In 1986, Nate discovered his passion - advocating for older adults who do not often have a voice - and founded the United Seniors of Oakland and Alameda County (USOAC). USOAC empowers older adults to improve their quality of life. Nate has served USOAC for more than 35 years and was elected President of the Board in November 2010. 

Nate is a proud father of two children and three grandchildren and has lived in Oakland for more than 30 years. Nate has dedicated his entire adult life to community and public service.

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2021 - State Attorney General Speaks, 5-

Rob Bonta

California State Attorney General ( AG ) & #TeamMakeOaklandBetter Leader

California's 1st ever, Filipino State Attorney General, is " the Peoples Attorney ". Rob's upbringing, spearheaded by a " Fighting Spirit " instilled by his parents at a young age, to fight for the Right's of Filipinos, People of Color and all of Humanity for Human Rights.                                                             We are honored and Grateful that Rob also serves on our #TeamMakeOaklandBetter staff, as part of a greater World wide network to Make Oakland Better, Make California Better and Make Others Better.

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                                                            TREVA REID.                                                                 Oakland City Council Member of District 7 & Team Make Oakland Better Leader.

Oakland City Council Member of District 7.

Treva Reid - A Biography

My name is Councilmember Treva Reid. I represent District 7; a predominately Black and Brown community that has felt the greatest impact of socio-economic disparity in Oakland. My passion to serve stems from growing up in a civically engaged household of educators, entrepreneurs, civil servants, and laborers who respected hard work and fighting for justice.

I bring the leadership skills and policy experience necessary to protect and prioritize Oakland residents who have experienced inequity—from my role as Senior Field Representative for then assembly member (now senator) Nancy Skinner, advocating for housing policies, gun violence prevention, job training programs, and legislation for incarcerated and formerly-incarcerated individuals, to my experience as a ministry leader at Shiloh Church where I helped neighbors engage in numerous community partnerships. My heart is for East Oakland and I will keep fighting to ensure residents gain the power to thrive in safe, clean neighborhoods, with access to quality resources in education, employment and more.

For years now Griz and the Forever Oakland team have done much work within Oakland, frequently partnering with District 7 to keep our public spaces clean and our unhoused neighbors fed. My team and I are honored to be able to partner with them every month. Their love, grace, and equity-driven investment pours back into our people bringing back the humanity between us. Forever Oakland is made up of compassionate, hardworking individuals who have beautiful spirits that embrace our village. We couldn’t make such an impactful change without them. #TeamMakeOaklandBetter.                        

Haley Hester

Policy Director
City of Oakland
(510) 238-7578


Jocelyn Mapp

District Representative (Above I-580)
City of Oakland


Mateo Ramirez-Mercado

District Representative (Below I-580)
City of Oakland


Oraya Hunter

Communications Director
City of Oakland
(510) 238-7573

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2022 - Coach Madden added to our website, 5-27.jpg

JOHN MADDEN DAY IN OAKLAND CA - APRIL 10TH, HONORED EVERY YEAR. The City of Oakland Passes this Resolution Tuesday May 3rd, 2022.

To Honor Coach John Madden Forever.

History in the Making - Its the Greatest Honor for Oakland Ca's #1 Identity in Making Oakland Better - Forever Oakland Inc., leading the charge to cement Coach John Maddens Legacy in Oakland, Ca. Forever, with the blessings of the Madden Family.

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57, 12-5.jpg

Ivan Satterfield

                                  Public Works Supervisor in the Keep Oakland Clean and Beautiful ( KOCB ) Division.                       #TeamMakeOaklandBetter Volunteer

One of three Supervisors for the illegal dumping unit in KOCB.  Some of my responsibilities consist of supervising debris removal from the public right-of-way and servicing homeless encampments throughout Oakland.

Collaborating with volunteer organizations such as Forever Oakland to clean Oakland streets brings me a great deal of satisfaction knowing that I'm making a positive contribution to Oakland communities.


Ivan Satterfield,

Public Works Supervisor 1, Keep Oakland Clean and Beautiful Division

Bureau of Environment

City of Oakland  |  Public Works Department  |  APWA Accredited Agency

750 50th Ave.| Oakland, CA  94601

(510) 434-5106| (510) 434-5120 Fax


Report A Problem | Call OAK 311 | From outside Oakland: (510) 615-5566

311.oaklandca.gov | OAK311@oaklandca.gov | Mobile app: Apple or Android

Mission Statement:

Oakland Public Works is dedicated to you! We strive to maintain, improve and preserve Oakland’s infrastructure and environment for the residents, businesses, visitors and future generations of every neighborhood in our diverse city.

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2022 - Oakland As sign, 5-15.jpg

Oakland ( A's ) Athletics - MLB.

Team Make Oakland Better Community Supporter.

Forever Oakland - Only in Oakland.

*Oakland Ca's #1 Identity in Making Oakland Better - Forever Oakland Inc., are Grateful for the year round support and Community Partnership with the Oakland A's.

Main: (510) 638-4900

Groups, Suites:

(510) 638-Go A's (4627)

Membership Services:

(510) 568-5600

Community Programs & Participation:

(510) 563-2221

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2021 - FO, GSW Screen shot Joint stateme

The Forever Oakland / Oakland Forever Alignment of identity.

With Great Honor Forever Oakland Inc. / Make Oakland Better & The Golden State Warriors Join Forces through our new Alignment of Identity.

Forever Oakland Inc. / Make Oakland Better & The Golden State Warriors make History, exemplifying our Oakland communities Real identity by joining forces with the Forever Oakland Registered Trademark Brand name and the Oakland Forever Reference, benefitting all parties involved and all of Oakland's most pressing community needs.

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2021 - Downtown Streets Team Photo 2-16.

Downtown Streets Team

#TeamMakeOaklandBetter Supporter

Downtown Streets Team is changing perceptions of homelessness by engaging our unhoused and at-risk neighbors in beautifying the city of Oakland. By creating an inclusive and supportive community, Team Members overcome barriers to success and exit homelessness. DST Oakland’s programs have been in operation since late 2020 and recently partnered with Forever Oakland to support, amplify, and expand the amazing work being done to Make Oakland Better all across our town through clean ups and support for homeless communities.


Email us at info@streetsteam.org


Downtown Streets Team

1671 The Alameda #306

San Jose, CA 95126

(408) 899-7350

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2022 - OHA too be added, 5-24.jpg

( OHA ) The Police Oakland Housing Authority

Team M.O.B. Leader

We are Grateful for the Year Round Community Partnership with the ( OHA ) Oakland Police Housing Authority, joining us for our 1st Saturday of the Month Oakland City wide events, feeding Unhoused citizens and doing Garbage Clean ups around Homeless  encampments & parks.

2021 - 29th Ave Oakland Animal Services

29th Ave Oakland Animal Services

#TeamMakeOaklandBetter Supporter

29th Ave Oakland Animal Services is Oakland’s only “open admissions” shelter, accepting all of Oakland’s homeless, injured, orphaned, unwanted, lost, abandoned and mistreated animals. With the assistance of dedicated volunteers and the support of nonprofit Friends of Oakland Animal Services, OAS saves the lives of thousands of animals every year.

We are located at:

1101 29th Avenue,
Oakland, CA 94601

Fax: 510.535.5601
Phone: 510.535.5602
Relay Service 711

For Urgent Service:
Call the Oakland Police
Non-Emergency Dispatch Line:

In cases of emergency, call 911 (land line) or 510-777-3211 (cell phone).

To make an appointment, call us at (510) 535-5602 between 11am to 4pm any day of the week.

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2021 - Dominos Pizza Logo, 6-22.png



Forever Oakland Inc. / Make Oakland Better are very Grateful for the New Sponsorship from Dominos Pizza, for our events in Making Oakland Better.                                                                                 

Dominos Pizza 

1204 Fruitvale Ave

Oakland, Ca 94601

( 510 ) 536-3200

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2021 - Plank Outdoors, 7-9.jpg


( Forever Oakland Inc. / Make Oakland Better's Official Public Place ).

We are honored for the long time, Community working relationship with Plank for meetings, family gatherings, media press conferences & Sporting events.                                                                                                                               


98 Broadway   

Oakland Ca 94607

( 510 ) 817 - 0980

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2021 - Lucky 37 , 7-6.jpg


Oakland's Finest in Street, Filipino Cusine

Lucky Three Seven & Forever Oakland Inc. / Make Oakland Better annually join forces for National Night Out, in Making Oakland Better, celebrating all things Oakland, Ca.

Lucky Three Seven   2868 Fruitvale Ave      Oakland, Ca 94602

( 510 ) 866 - 2023

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2021 - New FO - CalTrans Collab 7-7, 7-11.jpg


New, Forever Oakland / CalTrans Collaboration

Forever Oakland Inc. / Make Oakland Better are Committed to working with CalTrans as part of a new collaboration, to get all of Oakland Ca Freeway entrances and exits " Garbage Free " cleaned up, on all Caltrans properties.

CalTrans District 4

111 Grand Ave

Oakland, Ca 94612

( 510 ) 286 - 4444 - Oakland

( 916 ) 956 - 9343 - Sacramento

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2021 - Abundant Aid Pic of Ken, 8-18.jpg


Founder Ken Price

Ken Price is the President and CEO of Abundant Aid. He was driven to assisting others from an early age, which has grown more powerful as he aged. After a significant amount of time volunteering for various organizations, he decided to found Abundant Aid in November of 2020. Abundant Aid is a nonprofit organization working to enrich the lives of everyone in Oakland. They have since begun working with the Forever Oakland team, finding ways to collaborate efforts and support each other's causes.

Ken Price


Support | Abundant Aid




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Deidre photos.jpg

Diedre Martin

                                  Acting Environmental Stewardship Supervisor with Oakland Public Works/OPW.                                  ADOPT A SPOT PROGRAM                              #TeamMakeOaklandBetter Supporter

Deidre Martin is the Acting Environmental Stewardship Supervisor with Oakland Public Works/OPW. The Stewardship team coordinates the OPW volunteer program with Adopt a Spot volunteers from all over Oakland doing litter abatement along our streets and parks, as well as gardening projects in parks including habitat restoration and creek cleanups. OPW Stewardship also coordinates the Adopt a Drain program, the trash can mosaic tile projects and the citywide community cleanup events such as www.OaklandMLK.org. Deidre enjoys her job serving the residents of Oakland and supporting community engagement to care for our public land. More information about the volunteer program is at www.oaklandAdoptaSpot.org

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2021 - Nancis Bio 2-3.jpg

Nanci Taylor

World wide Team Leader out of Melbourne, Australia  #TeamMakeOthersBetter Volunteer

Nanci Taylor aka, O.G. Raiderette resides in Melbourne Australia, born and raised in Oakland Ca. Being that Melbourne is 1 day ahead of us on the West Coast ( PST ), Nanci is always the 1st one to kick off our 1st Saturday of the month, every month, World wide Make Oakland Better Drop a Spot. As a senior citizen thats considered in a higher risk category health wise, Nanci always comes up with creative ways to give back and still honor physical and social distancing during the Covid pandemic.

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2021 - Vanessas Bio pic 2-3.jpg

Vanessa Navarrete

World wide Team Leader out of Platteville, Colorado. #TeamMakeOthersBetter Volunteer

My name is Vanessa Navarrete, a team Leader with #TeamMakeOthersBetter from Platteville Colorado. As a Mother, It touchs my heart to be part of extended Family of Humanitarians World wide, committed to helping Homeless people and anybody in need. My family and I always do our part of helping those in need here in my local community year round. I take pride in knowing my children share these moments with me, wanting to do everything I can to influence my kids in becoming the best human beings they can be.

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Christopher Leighton

Liaison to CFO

As the son of the CFO, I work side by side with my dad and bring a lot of energy and never quit attitude to everything I do. I represent every district in Oakland as well as worldwide. It brings me a lot of happiness when I am helping feed unhoused citizens or doing trash pickups. I may be young in age but as most people know about me is my knowledge of sports is second to none. On my spare time I am just a normal teenager playing video games and learning things about life from my dad. Not only do I help Forever Oakland Inc. I also help my dad at his job. I like to get my hands dirty as well as learn what it takes to be a property manager. Just like my dad I have a big heart and will gladly help anytime I can with anything I can. I live life to the fullest and always treat others the way I want to be treated.

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2021 - Erics Bio for our new web site 2-

Eric " Madd Dog " Madison

Mob Alley Onsite Manager

My name is Eric Madison aka Madd Dog. The reason I joined Forever Oakland was to keep an identity that belongs to Oakland and feed homeless people. I am the On site manager for Mob alley, for our all weekend Charity events. I organize all  supplies and donations to feed Homeless people and watch Mob Alley keeping it safe, while all City wide volunteers go out to Feed Homeless People and pick up Trash in every district. I enjoy being a part of Forever Oakland to Make Oakland Better.

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2021 - Corporals Bio Pic 2-1.jpg

Keith Richard Salminen aka The Corporal. The Voice of A's Fan Radio World wide.

Mob Alley Onsite Manager

Keith Richard Salminen (Cpl Oaktown) Producer & Co-Host of A's Fan Radio, Founder of "The Bear Raid" Podcast, & 30th Gov. of Tightwad Hill Keith Salminen (Born 3/2/1985 in San Leandro, CA), more commonly known around the baseball world as "Cpl Oaktown", is the grandson of Oaklanders who immigrated to Oakland prior to WWI, has called Oakland his home since August of 2019, and served 4 years in the United States Marine Corps. And yes, he was accidently named after famous Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards. He is the producer and co-host of A's Fan Radio and is one of 2 cast members who has been with the show since it began broadcasting on 4/3/2003. He also is the 30th and current sitting Governor of Tightwad Hill, which over looks California Memorial Stadium in Berkeley. The Hill also serves as the official sponsor of "The Bear Raid" podcast, which Keith launched on 11/15/2020. Along with his current endeavors, Keith is also a former Board of Directors member for The Green Stampede, former Board of Directors member for Save Oakland Sports and former co-producer & co-host of RaiderFanRadio. Personal Twitter: @Cpl_RFA asfanradio.com facebook.com/asfanradio @As_Fan_Radio on Twitter facebook.com/tightwadhillofficial @tightwadhill23 on Twitter

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2021 - Dan Kalbs Bio Pic 2-1.jpg

Dan Kalb, Oakland City Council Member of District 1.

#TeamMakeOaklandBetter, Lead of District 1.

   Dan Kalb, first elected in 2012 and currently in his third term as an Oakland City Councilmember, has spent virtually his entire adult life as an environmental, public interest and social justice advocate.                                                                                                                                                   Prior to holding elective office, Dan was the California Policy Director for the Union of Concerned Scientists from 2003-2012, working and leading on state and regional climate change, renewable energy, air quality, green jobs, and clean transportation issues.  Previously, he worked for the Sierra Club, other nonprofit organizations including CA Common Cause, and a local community college.                                                                                         

Dan received a Baccalaureate of Science degree in Conservation of Natural Resources from U.C. Berkeley and a Masters of Public Administration (emphasis in Nonprofit Management) from the University of San Francisco.  He also has ten years experience as a community mediator resolving neighborhood disputes.

Councilmember Kalb has developed a reputation as a proactive and effective local legislator.  Among his accomplishments, Dan authored the ordinance to ban the storage and handling of coal in Oakland, wrote the charter measure to create an independent Police Commission, and has been a long-time, passionate advocate for affordable housing.

With a deep background in environmental and social justice, Dan continues to promote data-driven solutions to the toughest challenges facing our communities—including combating climate change and its impacts, investing in public education and rehabilitation, promoting wildfire prevention and disaster resiliency, instituting meaningful government reform, and of course, resolving our region’s housing affordability crisis.

He chosen by his colleagues to be the President Pro Tempore of the City Council during his second term on the Council.  In addition to his work on the Council, Dan serves as the City's official representative to StopWaste—Alameda County's Recycling and Waste Authority, and is Vice-chair of the East Bay Community Energy (EBCE) authority.  He also serves on the boards of the League of California. Cities and the Local Government Commission. Dan was named the Best Good Government Politician in 2014 by the East Bay Express, and California Public Library Advocates’ 2015 Outstanding Elected Official for advocacy on behalf of libraries.

Dan and his wife Valarie live in North Oakland and enjoy hiking in our beautiful East Bay Regional Parks. 

Deidra Moss

Office of District 1 City Councilmember Dan Kalb

City of Oakland

1 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza, 2nd Floor

Oakland, CA 94612

Office: (510) 238-7001

Direct: (510) 238-3557

Email: DMoss@oaklandnet.com


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2021 - Deidra Moss Bio 2-1.png

Deidra Moss

                   District 1 Lead, ( D1 ). Liaison to Oakland City Council Member Dan Kalb.                  #TeamMakeOaklandBetter Volunteer

Deidra Moss has called Oakland home since 2004 so she's happy to be contributing positively to by participating in Make Oakland Better. A Memphian by birth, Deidra completed her undergraduate studies in Manhattan before she moved to the West Coast and graduated from law school in Seattle. Since moving to Oakland, Deidra has lived in many neighborhoods including Rockridge and Piedmont Avenue. Deidra's experience includes handling private disability claims, interning in gang violence, domestic violence, appellate, and mental health divisions with various District Attorneys' offices in California and Washington, and volunteering with the California Appellate Project, Project Open Hand, and Girls on the Run. She is enjoys serving her community in her role with Councilmember Kalb.                                                                                               
Deidra Moss 
Office of Councilmember Dan Kalb - District 1
(510) 238-3557

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2021 - Chris Fry Lopez Bio, 2-3.jpg

Chris Fry Lopez

            District 1, ( D1 ) Team Leader.     #TeamMakeOaklandBetter Volunteer

Chris Fry-Lopez is a multi-generational Oaklander. The Fry family arrived in Oakland in the early 1920s. The 5 Fry Brothers grew up working as caddies at a golf course in Everett Washington and as young man moved to Oakland to become professional golfers and to open public golf courses including Lake Chabot Golf Course in Oakland, where Chris's great uncle Fred X. Fry, grandfather Dick Fry and father Kelly Fry where Golf-Pros. Dick Fry was highly involved in Oakland Civics, and was involved in helping Baseball Hall of Famer and Oakland native Joe Morgan becoming the 1st African-American member of Sequoyah Country Club in the Oakland Hills, which was a restricted Golf Course up until that point. The Lopez/ Prado family arrived in the East Bay in the early 1950s and eventually partnered with iconic African American Business leader Thomas Berkeley to open "Casa de Eva" a Mexican restaurant in the city of Berkeley from 1964 to 1991. Chris grew up going to Catholic schools in Oakland and participated in sports. Chris dabbled in soccer and track, and focused on basketball. Chris attended Bishop O'Dowd high school for 2 years participating in Freshman and Junior Varsity Basketball. Chris transferred to St Mary's College High School in Berkeley where he played 2 years of Varsity Basketball. After graduating from St Mary's in 1995, Chris attended San Francisco State University majoring in Speech Communications. During this time Chris began attending Oakland Raider games with his uncle who was a Oakland Firefighter and an Oakland Raiders season ticket holder when the Raiders returned to Oakland. Chris grew up a Raiders fan hearing about the legend of John Madden and Kenny Stabler. Chris's family had Oakland Raiders season tickets before the Raiders relocated to Los Angeles. But with the return of the Oakland Raiders Chris became a hardcore fan, attending most home games. After Chris's freshman year of college, he became a part time student and focused on working. Chris worked many jobs including: landscaping, construction, telemarketing, making smoothies at the campus of San Francisco State, and a after school program teacher for a program called Making Waves at San Pedro Middle School in San Rafael CA, working with English Language Learners. Chris also worked as a TA at a school for students with special needs called Spectrum Center in East Oakland. Chris would make a 20-year career at Spectrum Center. After Chris graduated from SFSU in 2003 he continued to work at Spectrum Center as a TA as well as a home program teacher for kids with autism in the Berkeley Unified School District. Eventually Chris became a Behavioral Specialist, and Administrator at Spectrum Center, a role he continues today. Chris also works part-time for an event and security company. Chris has helped raise his step kids who are now young adults as well as his 17-year-old godson. Chris with his brother and father where Oakland Raiders season ticket holders from 2006 to 2017. Chris was a Golden State Warriors season ticket holder from 2006 to 2008. Chris annually attended Warriors' games and Oakland A's games. Chris attended all of Andre Ward's Professional Boxing Matches that took place in the Bay Area. In 2012 Chris joined Save Oakland Sports after rumors emerged that the Raiders could relocate from Oakland again. Chris was highly active in Save Oakland Sports from 2012 to 2018, and was Vice President of the organization for 3 years. In 2020 Chris became a Forever Oakland's Representative for Oakland's District-1 1st Saturday Cleanup.

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2021 - Nikki Bas 3-5.jpg

Nikki Fortunato Bas

                             Oakland City Council President & Council member of District 2 - ( D2 ).                         

   #TeamMakeOaklandBetter Supporter

Nikki Fortunato Bas is President of the Oakland City Council and represents District 2, one of the most diverse districts in the city. Since taking office in 2019, she led the passage of the strongest COVID-19 eviction moratorium in the State of California and a COVID-19 grocery worker hazard pay $5 wage bonus covering 2,000 workers in Oakland’s largest grocery stores. She authored fair chance housing protections for people who were formerly incarcerated, created a fund for community land trusts to prevent displacement and create permanently affordable, community-owned housing, introduced a progressive corporate tax which will be on the ballot in 2022, and is now leading a task force to reimagine public safety in Oakland with the goal of redirecting $150M of the police budget towards programs and services that address the root causes of violence. She also serves on the National League of Cities’ inaugural Reimagining Public Safety Task Force. For two decades prior to being elected in 2018, Nikki pushed for worker, environmental, gender and racial justice. She organized immigrant garment workers to win their wages back in Oakland Chinatown, and she worked in coalitions to raise Oakland's minimum wage with paid sick leave and create living wage jobs on the Oakland Army Base and reduce diesel truck pollution at the Port of Oakland.

~Tiffany Kang, Communication Specialist and Community liaison to Council President Bas says:

" Council President Bas is grateful for the leadership of Forever Oakland and volunteers' citywide efforts to feed our unhoused neighbors and beautify Oakland streets and sidewalks. " 

Tiffany Kang

Communications Specialist & Community Liaison to Nikki Bas
City of Oakland



(510) 238-7022

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2021 - Eric Young Bio.jpg

      Eric and Kimberly Young

                                                                           District 2 Lead & District 6.                                                                                   #TeamMakeOaklandBetter Volunteers

We are Eric and Kimberly Young. I’m Eric Young. Church Organist of the Beth Eden Baptist Church of Oakland California. Born in Berkeley California, but raised most of my life in Oakland, this entire Bay Area is my backyard. But, “OAKLAND” is clearly the capital. My wife Kimberly was born in Oakland, raised most of her life in Richmond. One of our major common bonds are the OAKLAND RAIDERS. Thus the reason why we have proudly joined forces with GODFATHER GRIZ, and the 66TH MOB. Because we want to Make Oakland Better. Which is also why we’re fighting to keep the Raiders name in Oakland.

We faithfully serve in the cleaning up of District #2, District #6 and feeding Homeless people.


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2021 - Lynn Mymala 3-30.jpg

( Lynn Mymala - Vongphachanh Mymala ) *Aka East Bay P.M.A. ( Positive Mental Attitude ).

#TeamMakeOaklandBetter volunteer of the D2 - District 2.

 *A Cal Bear Graduate of Biology and a defender of Social Justice, Lynn displays her East Bay P.M.A. ( Positive Mental Attitude - the Glass is half full ) approach to life with all that she does.

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    Rocky Angel

                                                                                District 3 ( D3 ), Lead.                                                                                      #TeamMakeOaklandBetter Volunteer

*I'm an Artist, originally from Northeastern Massachusetts, moved to Oakland in 1996. I love the vibrancy, arts and culture of Oakland and the Bay Area, and the opportunities here. - *I represent District 3, helping with Forever Oakland as a way to connect with those who have fallen through the cracks in society.

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2021 - Dale Risdens Bio, 2-1.jpg

Dale Risden

                                                   District 4, ( D4 ) Lead.    Friends of Joaquin Miller Park.                                                         #TeamMakeOaklandBetter Volunteer

My name is Dale Risden, and I was born in Oakland in 1948 and lived across the street from Joaquin Miller Park since 1959. I have lived my entire life in Oakland, a City I love.

To give back I have worked for twenty years in volunteering for Joaquin Miller Park and the citizens of Oakland. I led the efforts that restored Joaquin Miller’s Abbey and personally reestablished the plantings at the Cascade as well as picked up trash along Skyline Boulevard. I have served on the board of “Friends of Joaquin Miller Park” for ten years, becoming Chair of Friends of Joaquin Miller Park in 2019. Over the years I have run over fifty workday events in the park and as Chair we have established a self guided children’s nature program while encouraging volunteerism throughout the community.

I am always working to see that every child in Oakland has a nature experience! Lastly, Im the District 4 Lead representing the #TeamMakeOaklandBetter 1st Saturday of the month, every month City wide Trash pick up. Forever Oakland

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2021 - Angelas Bio, 2-2.jpg

                                                           Angela Borricua Tirado                                                          The Voice of Forever Oakland

                                                                                  District 6, ( D6 ).                                                                                  #TeamMakeOaklandBetter Volunteer

Angela Borricua Tirado Voice of San Jose, Voice of Forever Oakland - Community Advocate and God's servant to help make the world a better place.

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2021 - Town Biz Flints Bio 2-1.jpg

Jon Flint, " Town Biz Flint "

                                                                            District 6 Lead, the D6.                                                                             #TeamMakeOaklandBetter Volunteer

"My name is Jon Flint also known as Town Biz Flint. I am Native American "Washoe" from East Oakland Fruitvale Area. I am an accomplished Health Care Professional at Kaiser Permanente and Father of Two Daughter's Kyla & Kierra. I give back to Oakland & help my community by doing charity work & clothing drives etc. Forever Oakland/Make Oakland Better has inspired me and given me that opportunity to help so many in the Town."

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2021 - Emilys Bio Pic 2-3.jpg

Emily Woods

              Mrs. Badd. District 6, ( D6 )                                                            #TeamMakeOaklandBetter Volunteer

My name Is Emily Woods I live in Santa Cruz California. What I love about serving and being apart of Forever Oakland is Giving back to the community in Oakland and helping feed the homeless in Oakland on Mob Alley. I enjoy giving out water and food to the homeless. I enjoy seeing the homeless smile and say thank you so much. It makes me feel good inside to help people that are less fortunate then me.

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2021 - Andreas Bio 2-1.png

Andrea Luna Bocanegra

                                                                           District 7 Lead, ( D7 )                                                                                                              #TeamMakeOaklandBetter Volunteer                                

I am a local artist and was previously an educator. Started advocating for farm workers rights since 1996 in my hometown of Salinas, CA Moved to Oakland in 2008. In 2010 became the Toler Heights Neighborhood Council Chair D7 / East Oakland My advocacy work is local; voting rights and education, community clean ups, community engagement with youth and seniors, help to push and support young folks to run for local office, etc. Elected member of The Alameda County Democratic Central Committee Board member of The Oakland East Bay Democratic Club Member of - Sierra Club - PDA - Oakland - Our Revolution East Bay.                                                                                               We like working with folks like Forever Oakland - Making Oakland Better,  that keep it real, genuine and are there to help others...no self interest.

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47, 12-5.jpg

Reverend Joseph Jones

                     District 7 Lead, ( D7 ) .  Founder of the Alpha Omega Foundation.                               #TeamMakeOaklandBetter Volunteer

District 7 Lead, Rev. Joseph Jones & The Alpha Omega Foundation serves East Oakland 7 days out of the week with a Food Program and the Word of God.     Rev. Jones favorite Quote is,       " God Knows what He is doing "                                                                                            Our Oakland City Wide / World wide event organizer Godfather Griz ( Greg ) Jones and Rev. Joseph Jones, go back many years, working together to assist the Alpha Omegas Food Program in Making Oakland Better.                                                                                                                                                                                                  Alpha Omega Foundation                                                                                                                                                                                        8627 International Blvd                                                                                          Oakland, Ca  94621

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Making Oakland Better

We work hard in Making Oakland Better/Making Others Better.  We are so proud as this goal continues to become a reality. A well informed community is an empowered one as well. Help spread the word about all the amazing developments of Forever Oakland.
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From Idea to Reality: The Evolution of Forever Oakland Inc.

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Making Oakland Better locally and Making Others Better World wide is our way of life.


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